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February 24, 2013
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A bell tinkled as you pushed the glass door open. Your best friend had adopted their (pet) from this animal shelter, and she'd said that the people here were really nice, and really cared about the animals.

The walls were decorated with pictures of various animals and people. They were all happy and healthy-looking, which reassured you more.

"Hello! How may I help you?"

There was a short girl, around your age, standing behind the counter. She had short red hair, mesmerizing olive green eyes, and an adorable sprinkling of freckles across her nose. You noticed two rainbow flag earrings glinting from her earlobes.

"Oh, I was wondering about adopting a cat?"
She smiled brightly.
"That's wonderful! We have tons of lovely kitties who need good homes. I'm Nepeta Leijon, by the way."
"(First Name) (Last Name)."
"Follow me, I'll show you who we've got!"

You followed Nepeta down a long hallway and through a door to a maze of large cages. There were purring cats everywhere, meowing and competing for attention.

"Annie here has been with us for about three months. She's very very sweet, and I fostered her for a few weeks while we were getting some things sorted out." Nepeta tapped on a cage with a butterscotch-colored tabby snoozing inside.

"Leo here is new. He's been through a lot, so if he's a bit snappish, that's why." A brown, black, and white tortie rubbed up against the bars of a cage, labeled with Leo.
You thought it was beautiful how devoted this woman was to the animals at he shelter.

A quiet meow came from a cage on the right side of the room.
"Who's this?" You asked, heading to the source.
It was a blonde-ish cat, streaked with orange and red.
"That's Nikki. She's been here the longest, almost six months."
The cat rubbed her nose up against your fingers as you held them through the bars of the cage. She blinked up at you with pretty green eyes, and began to purr.
"Nikki. She's it." You said with finality.
"Perfect! I've been waiting for the day someone would adopt her. She's so sweet, she needs a loving owner. Come on, I have some paperwork for you."

You followed the tiny redhead back through to the front desk.
"Here are your forms. Fill them out, if you will."
You were thrilled. Nikki would be the perfect addition to your family, you were sure of it. Not to mention, Nepeta was stunning.

You finished the paperwork, and Nepeta was smiling hugely.
"I'm so excited for you both!" Suddenly, she was hugging you tightly. You felt as though you had no choice but to hug her back.
After pulling away, you both giggled.
"Let me go get her. I'll be right back."
Nepeta headed for the hallway, a spring in her step.
"Nepeta? I like your earrings."
She stopped, looked over her shoulder, and grinned at you.
Nepeta reappeared holding a cat carrier.
"You should definitely let me know about her progress." She smiled, offering you the carrier.
You took it, and set it down.
"I've got a better idea; why don't you let me take you to coffee?"
Nepeta blinked in surprise, before nodding slowly.
"Yes, I'd like that." She went behind the desk again, and scribbled furiously on a business card.  
"Here, (Name)."
You accepted the card, slipping it into your back pocket. Grabbing the carrier, you waved at Nepeta and exited the shelter.
Hi lovelies! I'm so very sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been swamped with real life. I'm doing these as the inspiration comes to me. I'm thinking Dirk next. Maybe. Love you all. Stay gorgeous!
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