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April 13, 2013
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[A/N: This is an AU where Dave and Dirk are in the same time period and Dave’s actually around to strife and take care of Dirk. Just clearing that up.]

“(Babyish version of your caretaker’s name)! Wan’ go plaayyyyyy!” you whined, tugging on your (caretaker)’s hand.
“Alright, alright.” (he/she) chuckled, picking you up and putting you in the stroller. The two of you then left home, headed for the playground.

Once at the playground, you began toddling all over the place; sliding down the slide, crawling up the stairs, swinging in the baby swings. Suddenly, a noise caught your attention. You cried out, wiggling in the swing. After you were let down, you took off, heading towards the sound as fast as you could move.

A boy with a big black pointy thing on his face was playing on the bigger playground. He looked like he was your age, but he was much better at walking than you. The only thing on your mind was getting to him, because you felt like you had to go to him. He heard you coming and turned around.
Something changed and he started toddling towards you at maximum speed. The two of you crashed into each other and fell down. He laughed and smiled at you, showing a full set of teeth. You stood up.
“Dirk!” He crowed, looking proud of himself.
The two of you grabbed each other’s hands and headed back towards (Guardian).

A man with round black things on his face was talking to (Guardian). He looked worried, and then the two of you ran into his legs.
“Bro!” Dirk cried, wrapping himself around the man’s leg.
“Hey, li’l man! Having fun?”
“Yeah!” He climbed down and jumped on you. You rolled over, giggling, and the grass tickled your arms. Dirk stuck his tongue out and blew a raspberry at you, before rolling the two of you over again and falling back off you.

That was fourteen years ago.

You are [First Name] [Last Name] and your best friend/super-secret longtime love is Dirk Strider. You met him fourteen years ago, when you were both two. His bro, Dave, and your (Guardian) noticed how attached you seemed to be and exchanged information.  Now, you’re in high school and he’s dating and breaking up and pretending like he doesn’t care and it hurts because you know he’ll never care like you do.

He eventually breaks under the pressure and cries over his ex-boyfriend and he’s so stoic most of the time that it jars you. You hold him and he wets your t-shirt with his tears and you don’t care about the stain.

The next day, he acts like it didn’t happen and you’re so used to it that it barely hurts.
You find solace in his ex and he pretends like that doesn’t bother him in the slightest when you know it does.
His ex asks you out and you say yes and Dirk can’t hide the crushed look in his eyes even though he tries valiantly. You’re not sure who he’s upset over.
You go on a few dates before you realize that every time you leave with him, your heart’s back in a high-rise with a white-blonde boy.
Apologies are said and you go back to Dirk’s apartment.

You find him lying on his bed, tear tracks clearly marked on his pale cheeks. His eyelashes are resting on his cheekbones, and his fine bone structure looks much more fragile in sleep. His shades are on his desk, discarded as he evidently cried.
Unable to resist, you climb into bed next to him and try not to feel like a creep.

You awaken curled against Dirk, a blanket pulled over you and him murmuring words into your hair, things like “I’m sorry,” “I love you,” “Always,” and you stay like that, letting him think that you’re asleep. Eventually he stops and falls back asleep and you stretch. He doesn’t wake up and you get out of his arms.
Dave is sitting at the kitchen table, looking pristine as ever, but he gives you a knowing look and simply says, “The kid loves you, y’know.” and you reply, “I know. I’ve loved him longer.”
He doesn’t look surprised at this revelation, only thoughtful.
“I had a feeling.”
You continue to get breakfast together, making some toast and pouring some apple juice into a glass, avoiding puppets as you go.

Dirk gets up and comes out of his room adorably disheveled. You know he doesn’t let just anyone see him like this. He doesn’t act any different, but you know something’s changed.

You can’t bear to leave it like this, pretend like you didn’t hear him, like you don’t feel like he does.
Dave leaves and Dirk turns to go to his lab. You catch him by the back of his shirt. When he turns around, you pull him close, and he tenses. He’s tall, lanky, but he’s beginning to fill in and you can feel the effects of his strifes with Dave when he wraps his arms around you.
“I heard you this morning.” You confess, and he tries to pull away.
“Don’t hide from me, Dirk. Why do you think I came back from my date with Jake?”

“How long?” he rasps out, looking like he’s been punched.
“As long as I can remember.”
His shoulders straighten, like they’ve been holding a heavy weight, and he scoops you into his arms without a second thought.

You spend the rest of the day lazing around, Dirk working on some robots, you reading, and eventually Dave gets home and orders pizza.

You share your first “real” kiss (you kissed each other when you were twelve to get it over with) and it’s just how you imagined.

You go home, but Dirk pesters you and you smile faintly.

timaeusTestified [TT] began pestering chumHandle [CH] at [time/date]

[TT]: Hey.
[CH]: Hello.
[TT]: Look, I know I’m not righteous at all for not being able to ask you in person, but do you want to... y’know... be exclusive?
[CH]: ...
[CH]: Why in the absolute fuck would you ask that, you ninny? OF COURSE.
[TT]: Oh thank God.
[CH]: Were you seriously worried, you asshole?
[TT]: ...
[TT]: Maybe.
[CH]: Y’know, with all your genius, you’re an idiot when it comes to relationships. Honestly.
[TT]: I know.
[TT]: I love you. <3
[CH]: And I love you. <3 <3 <3

chumHandle [CH] ceased pestering timaeusTestified [TT] at [time/date]

You sighed and shut your laptop. Dirk was the smartest person you’d ever met when it came to everything except love.
Even the thought of not having met him made you sick to your stomach. He was your best friend, and now, boyfriend, and you’d have never expected such an outcome when you were younger and swooning childishly.
It was better than anything you could ever have dreamed up.  
This is a request for :iconoreo644:! Hope you enjoy.
I just wanted to write babies and I'm sorry if I suck at Dirk.
Lovelovelove you all.
:icondirkstriderplz: belongs to :iconhussieplz:
You belong to you!
Story: All mine.
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Pretty sure... That this should've been for Dave and not Dirk. It's your preference what you choose to write about, but it doesn't...add up for me. Sorry >~>
Terezilover221 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  New member Student Artist
*sigh of happyness and love* ( the girls know what im talking about...that sigh you do when you think of your crush and how perfect he is...dont lie you've done it before) ahhh....dirk strider.....i hope my irl boyfriend will look like him =w= very...nice...
SilverArt2Zoroark Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it bad that I don't want to belong to myself...?
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