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January 20, 2013
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"Y'know, (Name), waving the controller around ithn't going to help." Sollux smirked, obviously enjoying watching you become frustrated with the game.

"Shut up, lispy!" You shouted, frantically trying to avoid being killed.

"God, you are tho bad at thith!" He laughed.

"Do you like life? I'll kill you, Captor."

He snickered at your threat.

"GOD DAMMIT! I DIED! FUCK THIS GAME!" You grouch, dumping the controller to the floor and stomping off.

About five minutes later, there came a knock on your bedroom door.

"Go away, Sollux." You mumbled into your pillow.

"God, (Name), I wath going to athk if you wanted me to help you learn how to play. Gueth not, then."

"...Wait. Hang on, I'm coming."


"Firtht thingth firtht, you need a better grip." He'd explained, demonstrating for you.

"Like this?" You'd asked, attempting to emulate him.


Sollux had suddenly pulled you down onto his lap.

"Solllux! What are you doing?"

"Thowing you how to play." He whispered, sending chills down your spine.

You sat like that for awhile. Every time he spoke, giving you instructions, you fidgeted. It was driving you crazy. The crush you had on Captor really wasn't helping your cause. Like, at all.

"God, you're tho tenthe, (Name)." Sollux muttered, putting his hands over yours on the controller.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Your voice broke on 'idea'.

"I have to go to the bathroom!" You lied, hitting the pause button.
You shot up like a rocket and ran to the bathroom. Resting your head on the tile of the wall, you thought about what to do.


Sollux smirked from his position on the floor.

'Mission accomplished.' He thought, forming a plan in his head.


When you came back, Sollux gestured to the floor beside him, thankfully. You didn't think you could take much more of his constant teasing.

You sat, and took the controller back into your hands. Sollux continued to whisper instructions in your ear.
You were pretty sure you were twitching.


Over the course of the next hour, you had scooted about seven inches away from your original position. Sollux scooted with you.


Sollux, in the meantime, was finding it hard to resist the urge to kiss the concentrating look off your face, and leave you breathless.


Eventually, you got fed up with the constant tension.
You paused the game, set the controller down, and swiveled your head to look at Sollux.
He had an arrogant smirk on his face.
You wanted it gone.

Suddenly, you were lunging at him, pushing him down on his back. You sat back to look at him. His pale, probably-never-seen-sunlight skin was hinting at a flush.
"D'you think this is funny, Captor?" You asked, fisting his shirt in both hands and suspending him.

"N-no." He muttered.
"What was that, Sollux?" His name rolled off your tongue, sweet as candy, with a deadly edge.
"No." Sollux said, his voice louder and clearer.

You yanked him up by his shirt, and smashed your mouth to his.

"(Name), what?" He said, breathless, his bicolored eyes wide.

"That. That was for all the tension you caused me. I almost had a fucking stroke."

He laughed. You arched an eyebrow.

"Well, I guess that rules out any kind of relationship." You joked.
Sollux stopped laughing. Immediately, an evil grin came over his features instead.


"PUT ME DOWN!" You bellowed.

"Not until you agree to be my girlfriend, (Name)." Sollux said calmly, suspending you in the air with his telekinesis.

"...Fuck you, Captor."
"Later, I promithe."
"Fine. Yes, Sollux, I will be your girlfriend."
"Thee, (Name)? Do you thee how eathy tholving your problemth can be?"

You were set gently on the ground.

"Come here. I'm not sure if I want to punch you or kiss you." You grinned.

"Yeth, ma'am!"
Hi! oUo
So, my hand slipped, and I wrote a thing.
~PeriodChopsticks will kill me.
You get teasing, silly, video-game-playing Sollux.
I hope you enjoy.
My inspiration came from this post on Tumblr: [link]
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Me: H-Bomb Hiccup HAHAHAHHAHAHAH oh my COD yes LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Hug thank you my friend just....thank you that's all my fingers are capable of typing other than what I am currently writing
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